Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Friday, November 22, 2013

What is financial slavery (FinDom)?

People are not equal. They say, humans are..but people are not. How they look like, how they think and act like.. Looking back to history, there always have been Dominants and submissives and because of that some unfairness. Why exactly in Ds relationship, should this part be missing?

There are people beautiful, rich and successful..spoiled by everyone. And there are people, who's destiny is to work whole life in the shadow and dream about the lives of those first named and try to be a part of Their lives.

I give a chance to those submissives, who know their place. These losers have a chance to worship Me, work for Me, obey Me and be that way a small part of the life of true GODDESS.

Only this fact alone should be for these losers something like "dream come true" and they must be eternally thankful to ME. In opposite, I only tolerate them, if they know their place and give their best to stay as my slaves. I have many of them and anyone i can switch like nothing.

Thet is findom about for you losers. Life in servitude, humbly worthipping and obeying your Mistress, your divine Princess, your GODDESS. If you want this, kneel and try hard to prove yourself.

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