Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My fragrant wishlist

I love the feeling when I smell nicely..

Oh yes, of course, that beautiful smell in the world is the natural scent of my skin (can't doubt about it!), but perfume brings it to perfection - must remember, piggybanks! (yea piggybanks.. I will destroy u! hahahahaha)

I use perfume everyday.. You slaves, you all stink for Me.. no smell of you wash away the smell of your mmmiiiiseeery. lol
No, just logically. I don't need to explain that your place is on the dirty ground, piggy.. there perfumes or fragrances you don't need. ;) I'm the elite .. I'll have them as much as I want!!

Currently I want:

1. Victoria's Secret - Sexy Little Things Noir Tease  - purchased

2. Paco Rabanne - Black xs for her - purchased

3. Britney Spears - Fantasy midnight - purchased

I hope I will have them as soon as possible, so go work hard paypigs!

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