Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Sunday, June 28, 2015

How I spend my free time..

Because I don't work, i enjoy my time and relax. My loved grandpa died on 10.05. so i have to do some errands around the inheritance. It is important but rather exhausting, so for you, who are waiting for reply longer - this is the reason. Death in the family always hurts..

Now I write about the pleasant things.

When my boyfriend is not working, We eat in restaurants, drink in the bars and so on... We enjoy money of Our slaves and take (especially Me) for granted.
..you are here for that, losers! I am your idol, to which you daily pray and who you daily worship. you must thank Me that you are allowed to be a small part of My life. That you may pay for gifts which I choose.Pay for my bills. Follow My orders. Entertain Me as my clowns. And those, who earn the privilege, thay my clean my toilet (slave buttface knows :D )

Wwhen the weather will get better, I want to enjoy sun and water and to show my perfect body in bikinies bought for money of my slaves (slave buttface and slave whore)! :D
Lately I had mani/pedi appoitment.. i could show you some picture.. but only those who are paying deserve it.. do you understand losers?? ;)

..that’s all for today

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  1. On my knees, Goddess Gina,
    You are a Superior Alphacouple, i beg to serve You as Your cuckold slave. Please, use and abuse me