Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

..a few questions from one slave for ME

I recently got an email from one slave, that once bought 4 me a piece of jewelry through my Amazon's wislist. He was interested few things from my life and I decided to write back to him - but publicly.


slave: Slave tried the German Amazon list but it does not work?

ME: "Link is already posted on my Twitter and - functional!! ;)

slave: We are happy, that Goddess found true love:) Is Goddess new BF becoming Her lead alpha slave or is he Goddess “vanilla/normal” BF?

ME: "You're so curious piggie.. ;) It certainly cares more slaves I bet.But it's hard to identify, because our relationship is in its infancy (several months). Builds up. Speeches D/S there. My BF understood the terms FinDom, cuckolding etc (as the first of my BFs). I think I can't have a typical vanilla relationship with a man in my life. That's perfectly fine. :) "

slave: Goddess, on your old twitter account you had a picture named "Golden Goddess" where You stated -Just like me!- Do you still have this picture?

ME: "Honestly I don't know which pic u think, slave. Unfortunately for you."

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