Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Friday, January 11, 2013

About my divine self..

Why Me? 
Becasue of My divine beauty? 
Because of My intelligence?
Or because of My natural femine dominance? 

That all and mainly: because IT IS inside Me.
It is Part of Me. I am like that since My childhood.
I love to manipulate men. (Mainly male but i like submissive women too)
I enjoy to play with them.
Men always gave Me compliments, adored Me, My sex-appeal, My smile etc.
And it's nothing better than to spend their money! I love shopping and care for My body.
Especially if it's paid by the losers around Me. When I can mock them for it and laugh in their pathetic face.
When they work hard to be able tribute Me their hard earnd money for My pleasure.
What else.. I am self confident, young and I have my dreams, which I surely will achieve.
You know, you need Me, to give your boring and pathetic life some reason to exist.
To worship Me daily, commit yourself to Me completely and be my toy puppet..
can you hear Me? Goddess Gina wants to play!

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  1. This is so inspiring. After constantly reading on blogs and forums about feminist that hate sexy feminine appeal, i find it empowering that there are women that embrace their sexy side, even using it for power. Kudos to you, girl!