Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Sunday, January 27, 2013

some my explanation and opinion

It is a pity that the FemDom scene is not so widespread and serious in the Czech Republic. Maybe not as FemDom scene as financial slavery specifically. Wwe are a small country, there is less people and thus really small minority of those who are able to serve.

Also hate women who only play the ladies and take financial slavery as a possibility for a job. It spoils the reputation of a true Princess! If a woman does not in itself, it will never be right. For me it's a matter of lifestyle and a kind of standard. I enjoy it and I can not imagine life without it. I have my money, but I want more, of course. ;) And why would I work and earn money when I have my slaves? They are suitable for hard work and making money for me. I want luxury and they want to indulge me - it's that simple.

I have met with many submissives who just chatted. Only lies and promises. Is really tedious to repeat them over and over again that they can not be my slaves, unless they not meet the basic rules. MY RULES. I want only serious submissives, able servants, live wallets, ductile toys..

What the term "slave" means to me? Very submissive male or female. Variably usable, sincere and obedient. One who proves his actions - not his words! This is very important.

If you lie repeatedly, you'll end up in my life. If you're poor and do not have money, you are useless for me. If you only talk nonsense and still want something for yourself - I do not want you. Remember that you're there for me, not I to you!

This is a service for Princess. I'm not your girlfriend or wife. But I can fuck with you whenever I want and you'll always be loyal and obedient. lol

It is a beautiful feeling to be dominated by young, blond, sexy, dominant woman, right? So follow my rules and maybe you'll have the opportunity to serve me. ;)

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