Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today was a busy day

I was do some important things about myself and then I went shopping. When I'm shopping, I feel great, but then I'm tired. lol 
I see it on a hot bath with foam today. ;)

I bought a new handbag, three shirts, a denim shirt, black socks, black panties .. and I am really impressed by this pink shirt: 

When I saw that picture on the shirt, I imagined myself, my boyfriend and slave "Chump", which serve for us. This shirt just got to have! lol When I explained it to my friend, what that picture means, he laugh at you with me, Chump. :D
You know.. how pathetic and futile you are.. and that cant be without my mockery! hahaha

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  1. oh dekuji ma Pani.. je to nadherne cist ty radky.. o jaka krasna predstava smet Vam osobne takhle posluhovat Vysosti