Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sincerity is important

In the D/S relationship is sincerity important aspect. As in any interpersonal relationship. It's important to know some very basic and specific information to a Mistress and her slave were able to right communicate. I need to know what u are or u are not able to do for me. If you have something downright prevents the service for me as wife, girlfriend .. Think about whether or not u are able to serve me. Although this is not my problem (it's your problem), but I think it's fair that I knew about it. I had one problem, thanks to the lies of a slave and his girlfriend, and I don't want to experience it again.

In addition, I also need to u know your past experience, what u like and what doesn't (fetishes etc. - for complete dorks).

If you contact me, write these basic information in the mail loser. ;)

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  1. Princess já sice manželku mám, ale to mi nebrání Vám sloužit, na podmínkách jsme se domluvili, vždy k Vám jsem upřímný a budu i nadále má Bohyně a majitelko,