Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Diary: Personal meeting with slave Buttface

My second personal meeting with one of my worshipers.. I know him online since I was 18.

Just now I decided, that it is the right time to move our relationship Mistress/slave further and give him that way the chance to serve Me in different ways.

My FIRST personal meeting with submissive loser (I dont write "my slave" in propose. That one was and never will be able to become my slave.) was not nice case at all. I needed some time to get through from that bad experience from that negative personal meeting. And so it happened finally :)

But still the fact is: personal meeting happens only when I decide.

Definitely not when the slave will ask for it and make it as his condition of servitude. This is really not the way, how it works. Main and only word is MINE and it will never be the other way!

And now to that day. (My slave buttface wrote quite detailed about it on his blog) I can say to it, that I realized how useful such personal service is for Me.

Of course it depend also on the quality of a slave! Not everyone would be able to follow and fulfill my requests. I allow access to my life only to really honest and devoted slaves, who are well behaving and very humble, who know how to behave in front of a true Princess.

Unfortunately not every submissive is like that. If a sub wants to impress Me, he must in first line care about My spoiled rotten (now I mean by serving online) I don't know any compromise in certain things. If I don't feel real submission and devotion from the side of a submissive - I don't care. It is basic for MY slave - devotion, humbleness, honesty, well behaving and later well trained as it fits to ME.

He must be well behaved and especially obedient, if I would like to show him off or use him in public - like a footboy and living wallet while shopping ;)

That was really amusing and satisfying, when I could choose whatever I wanted and that loser paid for all, was holding all shopping bags, my fur jacket, purse.. and was not disturbing Me at all. Just walked behind Me like obedient dog after his Mistress.

I forgot to write about the first moment when W/we met, when I came out of the door of my house and he was there standing and waiting with money for Me. I told him "cash!" and showed my hand, so that his small brain (in shock of My divine beauty) would understand at all what I want :D I took all cash from his wallet and I am just now sorry I did not look also for the credit card ;) (next time buttface!) Return to the kneeling man on the street his empty wallet.. that was something for Me! ;)

Shopping was great and the coffee at Starbucks was ok.. it was our first meeting, so I allowed him to sit oposite to Me. But next time, he will stand and wait outside of the coffeehouse.. so that I can watch him. He will wait when I finish my cup of coffee and decide when I stand up and will go for shopping ;) There is no place for slave at My table!

Tasks like taking My boots off and on in the shoe store while trying new shoes were automatic, it is not necessary to mention.

He was doing docile all tasks which I told him. Also later at my place.. vacuuming, dusting, dishes cleaning, cleaning the floors and before sweeping.. order a deliver of a dinner for Me

This was all a reward for him :D It all was so natural and automatic = it means, when Mistress and the slave fits well together.

I don't know what to write more about, when he already wrote it quite clear on his blog..

For Me it was first positive real experience , which I will gladly repeat at chosen slaves also in the future. The feeling when I have a man wrapped around My finger, who is obeying every My word and who is taking care about My luxury and wellbeing..that feeling of course fulfill myself.I have fun online with other slaves, while My personal slave is ironing and is doing other domestic duties for Me. I do shopping while slave is paying for My purchases. This comes to Me very normal and basic thing.
I also allowed him to eat the cheapest yogurt off my kitchen floor, while I was drinking champaign ;D While he was licking the floor I was standing over him and just for fun I pushed the spike of My heel (which he paid for)to his back. It must be painful what buttface? :D

He is just a pathetic loser, who lives only for Me ;) In the end I was so merciful and allowed him to worship My bare feet.. he was in heaven stupid.. :D and I hardly noticed him, while I was whole time on phone. :)

I don't write in details what buttface felt, because I was taking care about Me and did not took any regard on him. I just remember that beautiful lingerie, shoes and staff which I bought for his money. Taste of champaign, asia dinner and quite nice clean apartment.

I see in this advantages and certain content. And My boyfriend was also very happy about My new sexy lingerie.. ;)

What to say more.. maybe only that fact, that he was the lucky, who got small part of My precious time.

You can ask him for more info from that day, if you are curious

I want to have more able slaves, which i will wrap around My finger!
Next time I hope that idiot will make more and better pictures!

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  1. i will NEVER forget it Goddess Gina. first time i felt on "my place"