Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Friday, November 22, 2013

How u can to serve Me online?

I'm a very demanding young woman. Luxury and comfort is automatic in my life. A lot of sycophants sometimes don't have enough imagination how to please Me. That's why I wrote this post! There are several ways how u can serve Me losers!

My slaves are responsible for:

- Because no one can resist my beautiful hands and feet: pay regular manicures and pedicures (once a month, usually..)
- Because I wear and love silver jewelry:  buy Me a new silver jewelry (toe rings, rings, ankle bracelets, bracelets, earrings, body piercings, chains, necklaces..)
- Because I deserve highlight my sex-appeal even more and my BF love it too: buy Me new sexy lingerie and accessories (bras, panties, corsets, girdles, stockings.. etc.)
- Because my high heels are bigger than your small ridiculous dick: buy Me new shoes (sandals, boots, sneakers, etc.)
- Because I love make-up, although I'm naturally beautiful: Buy Me a new care and decorative cosmetics!
- Because I like sexy clothes: Buy Me new clothes (fur coats, jeans, mini-skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, handbags etc..)

And it's really more how u can be useful for Me, losers..

Little hint for u: 
* My shoe size is 37,5 - summer shoes, 38 - winter boots and sneakers (European size)
* I can have a silver rings with a diameter of 55 mm or less so no larger diameters!
* Clothes in size XS (34) or S (36). sometimes it may be S/M unless another option.
* My favorite brand of shoes is Pleaser
* My other favorite brand of jewelry, clothing, handbags, etc. is Playboy
* My favorite symbol is snake.
* I accept the gifts associated with my hobby - pole dance
* My Amazon wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/16JWLVCMF40S4

This was a small sample of how u can serve Me online.

If u prove to Me that you're really dedicated to Me.. If I will know that u are willing and industrious.. I will permission to do, that you can serve Me personally.
You must understand that this can't be immediately, because I'm not a professional dominatrix, which invites the slaves to her for training and lessons.
I'm a woman which deserve to be honored and cherished. My lifestyle is adapted to it and I don't  accept everything that comes along. I must feel some confident in person and effort on his part that he meant it. I don't accept mere words, but deeds!

Soon I will write article about how can serve my slaves in personally for Me.

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