Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Friday, December 6, 2013

My fave things - u must know it!

Because a lot of u poor pigs, constantly you are not sure what to make Me happy.. can be sure that:

- My favorite colors are pink, silver, black and green.
- My favorite pattern is leopard (but overall I like animal prints like tiger, zebra and python too).
- My current favorite perfume is Lancome - Hypnose
- I love high heels and boots (mostly on platform).
- I love corsets (leather, synthetic leather, latex but other materials too).
- I like rock, metal, new wave and oldies music.
- My favorite symbol is a snake.
- I love denim.
- My favorite brand of decorative cosmetics: Sleek, Rimmel, Dermacol, L'Oréal Paris
- My favorite brand of cosmetics for hair: Biosilk (Silk Therapy), Schwarzkopf Gliss kur (Liquid silk), Matuschka
- I only wear SILVER jewelry.
- I like to wear latex, leather, synthetic leather and pvc coated sexy clothes.

That would be enough for a start.. If I think of anything else, write it here..

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