Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A shopping day & gift for slave

Today I have a shopping day. I'm going to buy shoes for money from my slave "chump". lol
I'm looking forward too, because shopping is one of my favorite activities! And especially when my slaves pay. ;-)
And I'm thinking that I still buy some makeup.. (some blush, powder, mascara, liquid lines.. etc.) if so, I choose which of my slaves to pay it. I like to take care of my hot body and beauty. And those fools too. lol
They are as loyal, stupid pigs.. who drool over my every word, photo, my favor.. I like use they. ;-)
And I'm still at home Christmas present for slave chump. I did not want to go to the post office yet. :-D I wonder whether he deserves a gift at all? Mmm.. cause I'm here to getting gifts.. So anyway, at least the gift will improve of his pathetic life. ;-)
And here's my purchase!!

Everything except shoes cost 1386 czk.. And yesterday.. my slave chump sent sms to me as soon as he read my article here and asked for the possibility to pay my purchases (shoes already paid). So he is the winner and must send me the mentioned amount to my bank account. ;-)

I originally wanted other shoes, but unfortunately in the shop where I was, did not have the shoes that I wanted to. The second boots what I had wanted, they did not have in my size (white with fur).. damn..

But I have to buy any such. I'll look further. No.. I will challenge to my slaves .. find such or similar. ;-)

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