Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

D/S relationship, symbol & slave's love

My loyal slave Chump wrote poem about ME:

"l like when the night is fading and shine is comming from behind the horizont
so Her stunning beauty is shining to my day and life 
The noble Mistress and superior Princess 
with face of an angel and platin golden hair 
comming down from heaven 
to Her minions on Earth 
and i have only one wish 
to kiss worshipping Her divine feet 
to be below them, so She can walk over me 
The Goddess on Earth 
etheric and mistic snakes Empress 
perfect superior Goddess" 

Amazin poem.. because it concerns Me, of course .. ;)

he got the chance, buy Me a ring .. the sealing of our "relationship". D/S .. naturally. ;)

I chose this one in the shape of a crown. It is symbolic, because I'm his Queen! No woman in his life will not be as perfect as I'm! I was the only woman in his life.. my loyal pooch, slave Chump.

Will suit Me, don't you think, silly? ;)


  1. dekuji ma Pani, ze Vam smim slouzit a uctivat Vas

  2. the ring is on Her Divine Hand.. looking forward if She will grant me the honor to worship Her picture with it