Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I love spending your money!

I really enjoyed recent days of shopping! And also my slave Chump. lol

That everything must have to pay.. but it is his wish. ;) He loves ME (He composed poems, wrote short stories for me..lol, earns money for me and I hope that in time it will be more things for me to do..) and I love myself and my beauty - is a perfect symbiosis, which suits me. I just laugh at him, what a pathetic and futile he is. Without me, he was bigger nothing, than he is now. And so is happy that I'm his Mistress. Naturally..
I really enjoy.. when I teasing my boyfriend in the new sexy underwear, though my slave sitting at home locked in a chastity belt. lol
No orgasm, until I will permit to you, loser!
I'm really tired today - I slept only three hours at night, damn.. I looked for a long time on the internet stores, what I will want to buy like a new. ;)
And approaching my masquerade! No doubt I'll be the sexiest angel there! O:) I hope for nice photos from the event.
I'm going to give a relaxing bath now.. and my servant will worship my divine person on his knees. ;)

(something is missing in the photos, I have a lot new thngs ;) )

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