Welcome slaves

Welcome slaves

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video chat via Skype

Today (well actually now - yesterday) I was home alone and had a really fun chat with my slave Chump. ;)

he was very nervous and it was seen on webcam. Wove the words, goofy smile etc. But it amused Me. :D
he also at my command - ate yogurt off the floor, played the guitar and sang a Czech song for Me.. my personal clown. :D
I'm glad when the slave knows his place and value and we both agreed that he will be a better cleaner than the singer. ;) his tool must be a toilet brush, no guitar.. :D
he also showed Me how look his burrow where he lives. Sufficient for a slave, I think .. of course, not a luxury. ;) Luxury belongs only to Me.

(I deliberately writing "he" with a small H)

Could be heard through the microphone that he photographed Me. Beautiful sound.. it's understandable that the poor thing wants to have a keepsake. ;) My divine beauty is his food.. attracts like a magnet.. he can't resist always. Unexpectedly.. :D
I'll prepare some homeworks for him - let he has some work on weekend. However, with joy and slavish love makes tasks for Me and so it should be!

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